What To Look For In Your First Apartment

Are you planning to move into your very first one bedroom apartment, but not sure what you should be looking for? Here are some things that your apartment should have. 


One of the main things that you should have concerns about is security in the building. When you go to visit the apartment, pay attention to how easy or difficult it is to get into the building. Can anybody walk into the lobby area where packages are delivered, or does it require a key to do so? This can be a good first sign about what type of security the building has. Having some sort or barrier to prevent people from going directly up to your door should be essential to help protect your apartment.


It is always worth asking about the utilities and what you are responsible for. It is quite common for you to be responsible for your own electric bill, which means paying for your air conditioning during the summer. However, water can be quite different. Some apartment buildings still use a central boiler and radiators to provide water and heat, since it is much more cost effective. However, it is much harder to monitor the usage of water going to each unit as a result. This means that your water and heating costs are often included as part of your monthly bill. This is something very important to consider when comparing the costs of one bedroom apartments in your area. 


The parking situation at an apartment will vary depending on where you live. Big cities often charge extra for parking, either for a dedicated space or a garage. This is because many people rely on public transportation and do not use a vehicle for their daily traveling. However, driving is quite common in other cities and parking is provided with the unit, because having a vehicle is essential. You'll want to know what the parking situation is like for your apartment, how much it will cost you, and have many spaces you get. Even ask about how guest parking privileges work, since there may be a limited amount of spaces for guests to park at. 

Shared Facilities

Bigger apartment buildings also have shared facilities that are used between all tenants. This includes things like laundry, exercise facilities, and meeting rooms. You'll want to know what those shared facilities are and how you can use them as a tenant. 

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