4 Additional Services Moving Companies Offer

You already know that moving companies are there to get your stuff from one place to another, but what other services do they offer? Simply picking up boxes, packing them into a truck and unloading them into your new abode aren't always straightforward jobs. Whether you have special circumstances, need your move done in a strictly precise timeframe or have other needs, knowing what additional services your mover may offer can help to smooth the process.

1. Exclusive use. You're moving across country or in-between cities. You don't have enough boxes, bags and furniture to fill a truck. If you have concerns that your stash will be stored and shipped along with other people's stuff, you can request an exclusive use of vehicle clause in your contract. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, exclusive use of a vehicle is a service option that requires the moving company to dedicate the truck just your items.

2. Precise dates. In some cases your move-out and -in dates are firm. If you absolutely have to have your items picked up on a set date, and also have to have them delivered by a specific time, you can ask for guaranteed service on agreed upon dates. If you elect this service, your contract can include the pick –up and drop-off dates as well as the amount of compensation that you are entitled to if the mover fails to meet his end of the deal. This is an added safeguard, beyond the mover's word, that the company will stick to your time-table.

3. Extra insurance. Even though your moving contract should have liability limits for damaged property, you can often opt to buy more. Some companies offer extra insurance that goes beyond what the contract states, according to New Hampshire Department of Justice's "Consumer Sourcebook" on moving companies. If you choose this option, the company must provide you with a copy of the written policy. This will clearly spell out the amount and extent of the coverage that you are purchasing.

4. Pay by space. Instead of packing your household goods, furniture and other items into a space that just fits, you can opt for a space reservation. This option allows you to choose a space in cubic feet. If you go for this option, the amount of space that your items actually take up doesn't matter. You are entitled to the space that you pay for no matter how much room your stuff really needs.

Make your move easier by taking advantage of additional options that your moving company may provide. Depending on the specific company's policies and service menu, you may have the ability to choose an exclusive truck, pick precise dates, add on an extra insurance policy or select the amount of space that you desire.