Finding The Right Commercial Location For A Pet Rescue Business

Do you spend a lot of time and money rescuing pets, housing them and finding long-term homes for them? Growing your animal rescue business starts with finding the right location and building that will meet all of your business and pet needs. Here a few things to consider when it comes to establishing your pet rescue business in your community.

Find A Functional Location

Because you will have animals on your premises at times, seek a commercial real estate agent who specializes in finding a functional location within the right zoning ordinances. This may include:

  • A commercial building that is centrally located inside your city
  • A building that will be able to house pets safely and effectively in sanitary conditions
  • A pet health area specifically for examinations and grooming
  • An adoption consultation area for both people and pets
  • An office area for conducting business duties and responsibilities

Being able to meet all of these goals and finding a facility that is affordable is the first step in gaining the property expansion you'll need. A qualified realtor, such as those at Baddour And Associates Commerical Realtors, will scour multiple listings in order to meet your specific needs. 

Create A Buzz With An Effective Marketing Plan

A big contributor to a successful pet rescue business launch is to have a solid marketing plan in place. Target the main demographic of your customer base by getting the word out to caring individuals who will want to help by volunteering, transporting pets and donating for their medical care. Hire a marketing expert who specializes in ideation to help you create catchy and informative advertising to gain awareness of your cause.

When looking for the right commercial real estate location, be sure there is large lobby or conference room in the building.  This allows for plenty of room for signs and advertising displays that show what your main business goal is — to help and place homeless animals into the arms of a caring foster or permanent human parents. Spread the word through marketing campaigns via radio, pet-adoption fairs and social media.

Ask Your Realtor About Non-Profit Business Requirements

If you're transitioning from a mobile business office in your home to a commercial office building, ask your realtor about making sure the building you are acquiring will be acceptable for your 501(c)(3) non-profit status. This includes meeting strict guidelines of the types of animals you'll be servicing and how and where they will be housed on the property. Your realtor can check with the city clerk to ensure that this acceptable in the building you wish to purchase. Commercial real estate agents are educated in most legal requirements for non-profit businesses and facilities. If they can't answer your questions, seek legal counsel through an attorney specializing in non-profit animal rescue before finalizing a real estate transaction.

Stick To Pet-Friendly Commercial Property Locations

When searching for the right commercial property, ask your realtor about locations that are pet friendly. This may include:

  • Nearby dog parks
  • Humane society or animal shelters
  • Pet stores
  • Pet daycare centers

This will make it easy for you to rely on your neighbors for support and advertising assistance as you launch future marketing campaigns and pet adoption fairs.

Taking your love for helping furry companions one step further includes creating a thriving environment in the right location. A commercial real estate specialist can help answer all of your questions about the size of the building you need, location, and the budget you have to work with.