Three Ways To Transform Your Double Wide Mobile Home Into A Fixed Structure

Mobile homes are an affordable way to add a home to your property and own your own home. They can even have many of the luxury features that any custom home can have. There are also options for setting your mobile home on a basement foundation and adding permanent features to make it look and feel more like a custom home. Here are some things that can be done to make over double wide mobile homes with permanent custom features:

1. Installing Your Mobile Home On A Basement Foundation

One way you can make your double wide feel more like a custom home is to set it on a foundation. You can do this with basement foundations, which can give you extra space for storage or a basement to finish now or later. When building the foundation, you will want to consider the wall heights. Since there will be lower beams, the walls will need to be higher to allow for head clearance, mechanicals and other things that you may want to add to the basement.

2. Adding Fixed Porches To The Design Of Your Home

Porches and decks can be other features that you want to add to your mobile home. You can add porches with fixed footings to make your home seem more permanent. These can even include brick columns and posts. If the design of your double wide has a small porch, you can also expand upon it once your home has been installed.

3. Adding Brick And Masonry Features Around Your Mobile Home

The exterior of your home can have many different finishes, which are often siding and exterior veneers for mobile homes. To give your home more of a custom look, you can have brick or stone added after it is in place. The brick and stone can be installed just like on a custom built home, starting with concrete footings. This can be done to all of your home, or you can just have features like entrances or other areas covered with brick. Brick can also be used as the skirt of your mobile home to give it more strength, especially if it is not installed on a fixed foundation.

These are some custom features that you may want to add to your double wide home. If you are interested in a double wide mobile home, contact a mobile home dealer and talk with them about some of the custom features that can be added to your home.