How To Prepare Your Rental Property For A Natural Disaster

Natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes are common in certain parts of the country, putting your business property at risk. The best thing you can do as a property manager is to protect your property and your residents or renters. Here are some tips for protecting and preparing the property for a natural disaster.

Remove Outdoor Décor and Furniture

When you get a warning about a natural disaster in the area, it is important to start removing anything outdoors that is not nailed down. Patio chairs and tables, umbrellas, potted plants, and décor items can all be flung into the air and break windows or injure people walking by. They can also destroy walls and siding if they hit them. Make sure you remove all outdoor furniture and décor on the business property, and instruct your tenants to do the same. In addition to this, remove any gardening items outdoors, such as shovels and rakes. Put them in a shed to keep them from injuring other people.

Inspect the Roof

The next area of your property that should be prepared is the roof. Natural disasters like hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to your roof, gutter and downspouts if they are not secured properly. Inspect the gutter and be sure it is not coming loose and that the downspouts don't have damage. If they do, try to have them replaced or at least secured before the disaster hits. Next, inspect the roof to look for worn or loose shingles and tiles. These could peel off and damage other property during a tornado, hurricane, or even a strong rain or snowstorm. Repairs should be done before the disaster hits if you have time for it. Otherwise, remove the loose shingles and tiles and do repairs later.

Secure the Windows

The windows of your building and all rental units need to be secured before a hurricane or tornado hits. The windows are often the first thing to experience damage, and it can be a risk to the residents inside the rental units. Even high winds can break windows if they are strong enough. Be sure all the windows have storm windows or storm shutters installed. These are necessary when you have a building that is in an area prone to hurricanes and other natural disasters. Also look for cracks in the windows and have them repaired. Inspect the window frames and casings as well.

Get Emergency Lighting

Finally, make sure you have emergency lighting around your property. When these natural disasters hit, they often include blackouts. Have solar-powered lights that last through the night, especially in areas like the parking lot and sidewalks. Inform residents of the dangers of using candles in their home during a blackout, and encourage them to use solar-powered or battery-powered lights as well. For more information on property management, contact a company like Arbors Management & Realty.