Rental Nightmares: 3 Times To Call Your Landlord Immediately

If you're renting a property, you likely have the benefit of a landlord who has to repair certain problems with appliances or other home maintenance concerns. Most landlords or their property managers fix problems within a few days or weeks, but what about more serious issues? If you have an emergency number and aren't sure when to use it, here are a few instances when you absolutely should call immediately.

There's a House Fire

A house fire is a very serious concern for tenants and landlords alike. Landlords will want you to call 911 first, then reach out to them or their 24-hour maintenance line. The goal is to get the flames put out as quickly as possible. Another time to speak to your landlord about a fire would be shortly before one takes place. If you notice a burning smell when you plug in an appliance or see a light shorting out, consider reaching out to maintenance for a review of the issue. You might just prevent a life-threatening incident.

You See a Roach

You might not think one roach is the end of the world, but when there's one, there are likely hundreds. Infestations can be very hard to get rid of, so your landlord will want to know immediately when you see any kind of insect in your home that could potentially lead to an infestation. Roaches, fleas, mites and flies are all potentially dangerous. Most people can wait until business hours to complain, but if you have a beehive, a large number of insects in the home suddenly, or are suffering reactions from bites, it's time to call your landlord.

You Suspect Water Damage to the Ceiling

While you might be able to wait until the morning, the moment you see a crack or leak in your ceiling is when you need to reach out. Once water starts collecting in the ceiling, you could find yourself in the middle of a collapse. There are several possible issues from tenants upstairs leaving water on too long to roofing that has let rain damage your ceiling. Call immediately to prevent injuries from a collapsing ceiling and to help the landlord protect his investment.

These are just a few serious problems that could come up in your rental property. Make sure to stay in touch with your landlord, so they can be taken care of and you can be kept safe.