Worried About Making Too Much Noise? 3 Tips For Buying A Suitable Condo

While living in an apartment, you need to be more aware of how much noise you make compared to a single-family home since you share walls with your neighbors. This is also something that will apply when living in a condo, which you may be interested in purchasing.

If you are a little concerned about making too much noise and disturbing your neighbors, you should use several tips to buy a suitable condo that will help you avoid this problem.

Corner Unit

Once you are ready to look at condo listings, you should prioritize corner units because this will likely bring your number of direct neighbors down. Instead of having to worry about making too much noise on each side of the condo, you will only need to be extra careful with noise along one wall. This situation gets better when the side that you need to be quiet on is a bedroom and bathroom if you are naturally quiet in these spaces.

Bottom Floor

Another strategy that you can use to avoid making too much noise for your neighbors is prioritizing a bottom floor unit as you will be able to walk or even run around without concern. If you like to work out at home, you cannot go wrong with a bottom floor unit because you will be able to run and do cardio exercises without causing loud thumps for your neighbors below.


While it may be a little difficult to test out soundproofing in a condo, you can gather a lot of information when looking at a condo in person. During a tour, you should inspect the front door, windows, and walls to determine how much noise you can hear on the other side. A reliable way to test this out is by bringing a friend or relative along to make noise outside the condo.

By having them make noise while the windows are both closed and open, you will get an idea of how far sound travels inside the condo to gauge how much noise you can make comfortably. As such, if you do not mind living in a loud and busy area, you may even want to prioritize this kind of neighborhood because the outside sounds will reduce how much neighbors can hear your noises.

When you know that you can be somewhat loud at home, you should follow these tips to purchase a condo where you feel comfortable making a bit of noise. Contact a real estate agent for more information regarding real estate for sale.