3 Great Ways To Use Storage Units

Although most people think of storage units as a temporary place to put their stuff during a move, the fact of the matter is that they can be used in more ways than one. Here are three great ways to use storage units, and how they can make your life a little easier.

1: Holiday Décor

If you are like most homeowners, you have probably accumulated quite a few holiday decorations. Although you might be keeping them in your attic or basement, it isn't always easy or convenient to go through boxes and track down what you need. Fortunately, storage units can make things a lot easier.

By renting a storage space at a local facility, you might be able to store all of your holiday decorations in one place. Instead of trying to cram everything in your crawlspace or messy attic, you can assign a different part of the storage unit for each holiday. When you are ready to decorate your house, you can simply run to your storage unit, pick up your belongings, and drop off the old ones. 

2: Band Practice

Nothing infuriates neighbors quite like the racket created by a rock band. However, if you love to play or have to practice for an upcoming show, it can be hard to play without making everyone around you upset.

Instead of practicing in your garage, check with local storage facilities to see if they allow bands to practice. Most storage places have power that runs along the outside of the building, so that you can plug in your amps and sound system. Keep in mind that you might have to stop playing by a certain time each day, because some facilities employ managers that live on-site.

3: Inventory Drop-Off Location

If you run a business, then you know how frustrating it can be to arrange inventory deliveries. When warehouse space is limited, you might be forced to pass on a great product price simply because you don't have anywhere to put new stuff.

However, you can use storage units as an inventory drop-off location, so that you don't need to worry about holding a massive clearance sale. Ask your local storage facility if they will sign for shipments for you, so that you can take advantage of great deals.  

Being familiar with the ways that you can use storage units, from places like Epic Group Inc, might help you to clear out your attic, avoid infuriating the neighbors, and streamline your business shipments.