3 Custom Kitchen Features For People Who Love To Cook

Are you building a new custom home? Do you love to cook? If so, designing your home should be a very exciting experience. You'll have the opportunity to design a kitchen that perfectly meets your needs and gives you all the tools you need to create exceptional meals. You'll have a lot of options when it comes to designing the kitchen. If you'll use the kitchen a lot, you'll probably want to put a priority on functionality. However, with the right home builder, you can install features that are both functional and stylish. Here are three such features that can make your kitchen perfect for you:

Deep drawers. One of the biggest challenges in any kitchen is finding space to store pots and pans. You probably know this challenge well, especially if you have large and odd-sized pots and pans. Since your kitchen will be custom, you can design any sized storage space that you want. One great feature to install is deep drawers that are sized to fit even your biggest pots. Then, you don't have to worry about hanging them from the ceiling or shoving them in a cabinet that's not big enough. If you can position the deep drawer close to your range, then it will be very convenient for you to access the pots that you need when you're cooking.

Double wall-mounted ovens. There's a reason why you'll find wall-mounted ovens in nearly every restaurant. They make baking easy and they open up the floor plan of the kitchen. With double wall-mounted ovens in your kitchen, you'll be able to prepare large meals and keep everything warm. You also won't have to worry about bending over to load or unload food out of the oven.

More importantly, though, wall-mounted ovens give you flexibility with the rest of the kitchen's layout. With the oven separated from the range, you can put the range on an island. That could give you more counter space for food preparation.

Pot filler. You probably know how hard it can be to fill up your largest pots with water. You can't fit them in the sink, so you have to angle them awkwardly. It may be impossible to get enough water into the pots or you may end up splashing water everywhere. Maybe you even have to fill up cups or bowls with water and then transfer that into the large pot. You can eliminate this problem with a pot filler.

A pot filler is simply a small faucet that you can install anywhere on the wall. Your builder just runs a cold water line up the wall to the desired spot. When you need to fill a large pot with water, you simply place the pot under the faucet. Pot fillers are common in restaurants, so it can add an aesthetic element if you're striving for a commercial kitchen look.

Talk to a custom home builder (such as one from K Gordon Construction) about how you can make your kitchen more stylish and functional.