How To Stay Organized During Spring Cleaning

Before you know it, spring will be here, making people think about starting their spring cleaning processes. In the spring many people take the time to weed out things from the house that are no longer needed, making the area clean before the fast-paced summer activities begin. Here are some ideas for you to use when doing your own spring cleaning methods, helping you organize along the way.

Start In One Room

Do not try to clean an entire home at one time, as you will just become overwhelmed by looking at the big picture. Start off in one room of the house and work your way to others when you finish cleaning the first. When cleaning the room, set aside items that you no longer have use for.

Walls And Floors

Cleaning your walls and floors greatly improves the way a room looks. You will feel as if you have accomplished something, as well. Start by using a mild soap mixed with water, and sponge all wall surfaces to remove any dust or dirt spots. Use the cleaning solution on all baseboards and moldings around the perimeter of the room, as well. 

Vacuum any carpeting to remove all visible dirt from view. You will want to rent a steam-cleaner to further remove embedded grime from carpets. Pick a nice smelling carpet cleaning solution and steam the carpet completely.

Some people will opt for having a cleaning service such as Majestic Rug Cleaning Co. Inc. come in to professionally clean carpets. This is a beneficial service that will give you great looking results. If you need any help at all in cleaning, rug cleaning would be where you would want to spend your money if you need help.

If you have hard flooring, use a broom to sweep visible dirt and then mop the floor thoroughly.


Wipe down any furniture to remove dust. If you have cushions, use the steam cleaner to remove embedded dirt. Some carpet cleaning companies offer upholstery services as well.

As you are cleaning your furniture, take a look around the room to see if there are items that you no longer use.

Distributing Items

Take a look at the pile you had made of things you no longer want to keep. Separate this pile into smaller piles to include things you will be selling, things you will be throwing away, things you need to recycle, and things you want to donate. After you have separated things according to where you plan on taking them after removing from the home, anything that you will not be keeping should be thrown away to get it out of the way.

Take items to be donated to different shelters, churches or schools. Thrift stores will often take materials, as well. See if your weekly trash service has a separate service for recyclables. If not, you will need to find a facility to dispose of these items. Advertise in your local paper that you will be holding a yard sale and keep your salable items in a location to be stored.