Why A Single Woman Needs To Count Her Drycleaner Among Her Bffs

You would think by 2015 everyone would be wearing space suits that never stained and never wrinkled. However, as society drifts further into the land of science fiction, clothing options seem to becoming more traditional than ever. Cotton and wool still rule and the chiffon of bygone days is reappearing with a roar. So what is a single, laundry-hating girl to do? Certainly, she cannot spend her time ironing cotton and hand-washing woolens. Not when there are fab parties to attend and gorgeous selfies to take.  

Fortunately, as the world speeds up, one staple remains — corner dry cleaners. The dry cleaner can be a beacon of hope to the frazzled and busy single gal. Not just for dry cleaning, the Ma and Pa operation down the street offers services that will make your life far easier. Here are just a few reasons your need to make your drycleaner your best friend.

  1. Wash and Fold: If your Mom doesn't live in town, chances are you have been wasting perfectly good social time washing your unmentionables and folding towels. Well there is simply no need for that time-waster; most dry cleaners offer a wash and fold service. Imagine dropping off your dirty duds on the way to work and picking up your perfectly folded clothes on the way home. It's almost like magic. As a bonus, many dry cleaners will also pick-up and deliver. 
  2. Sew: Seriously, they sew buttons back on, fix zippers and can even take care of that ripped liner on your favorite jacket. No more holding your jeans together with safety pins or carefully arranging a scarf due to missing blouse buttons. Just drop the garment off, and your dry cleaner will make the needed repair. It will almost be like getting a new wardrobe.
  3. Iron: Sure, you knew they pressed when you drop an article off for dry cleaning but did you know they will press clothes you have washed yourself? That lovely (and almost impossible to iron) pleated skirt that you wear once a year can now become a regular part of your wardrobe.
  4. Wash Your Bedding: Anyone who has ever tried to stuff a queen comforter in a regular sized washer will be thrilled to know there are other options. Your dry cleaner will wash and dry your bedding and can even do your curtains and rugs as well.
  5. Dry Clean: Let's face it, even the most wild single girl needs her silk suit dry cleaned for an interview or work-function at least occasionally. It's good to have one you know and trust.

Making a friend out of the local dry cleaner is a smart move for the single gal. Clothes are a major investment for many women and it makes sense to treat them well. If you live a busy life and don't have time or the inclination to make laundry a priority, then it is nice to know you can leave your wardrobe with someone you can trust.