3 Tips For Helping An Elderly Parent Move

Helping an elderly parent can sometimes be challenging. The transition from a home he or she has lived in for years to a new place is an emotional experience that can impact how well the move goes. If you are in the process of helping your parent move, here are some ways you can help make the transition go a bit smoother. 

Pack a Move-Day Box

The first few days in your parent's new residence are going to mainly consist of unpacking his or her belongings. This can be a tiring and frustrating experience. You can ease some of the moving-day stress by ensuring that he or she has access to important items right away. 

Before packing anything, pack a box containing items your parent needs for the first few days. For instance, you can put a few outfits, dishes, and cooking supplies in the box. Regardless of whether everything is unpacked on the first day or not, your parent will at least have the essentials handy.

Use a One-Room Strategy

With more people helping, it might seem like a smart decision to have everyone working in different rooms. However, this can sometimes backfire. 

Remember, this is a potentially stressful event for your parent and packing up several rooms at once can limit his or her chance to go through everything and make decisions regarding belongings. Taking away that choice can leave your parent feeling less than enthusiastic about moving. 

By working on one room at a time, you keep your parent involved in the process and also help to alleviate some of his or her stress. 

Establish a Sorting System

If your parent is moving to a smaller home or senior care facility, he or she will need to downsize to fit into the new space. Set up a sorting system with your parent that determines what is kept, passed to family members and friends, donated, and thrown out. 

When sorting the belongings with your parent, try to keep your questions regarding items to yes-no questions. Open-ended questions can significantly add to the time needed to pack up your parent's home. 

To learn other ways you can have a successful move with your parent, consult with a moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc. Some companies may even have a senior move coordinator available that can help ease the process and offer some emotional and functional support for your loved one.