3 Tips For Getting Approved For An Apartment If You Have Bad Credit

Having poor credit can prevent you from getting loans and credit cards, and it can even make it more difficult to rent an apartment. If you are looking for an apartment to rent and have bad credit, you may need to take a few extra steps if you want to get approved for the rental property you choose. Landlords rely on rental income and tend to stick with tenants that have good credit and the ability to pay. Here are some tips that may help you get the apartment you apply for.

Get organized and come prepared

The first step you will need to take is getting organized. When you meet with a property manager to see an apartment, you should have all the paperwork with you that you may need to fill out an application for the unit. This will include your state ID, paystubs, social security card, names and phone numbers of references, and your tax returns or recent bank statements. In addition, you should have money in your account to pay the application fee, if there is one.

Coming prepared will offer a good first impression to the property manager, because people who are organized may appear more reliable.

Offer an explanation for your credit

Most property management firms run credit checks on applicants, and this is done simply to make sure the applicants are credit worthy. If you know that your credit is bad, tell the property manager before he or she runs your credit. This type of honesty may be difficult, but it can also go a long way. This offers the opportunity for you to explain why your credit is bad. If you have a good reason for this and if it checks out, you may have a better chance of getting approved for the unit.

Be willing to compromise

Finally, you should be willing to compromise when it comes to the amount of the rent and other financial details relating to the rental property. If there are a lot of applicants for this one apartment and your credit is bad, the landlord might be inclined to choose a different person.

If you are willing to offer a little more for the rent, the landlord might be more willing to give you a chance with the unit. In other words, if the rent is $600 a month, offer to pay $650 per month. Another option would be to offer to pay three to six month's rent up front instead of just one month. This may be a big enough incentive to the landlord for him or her to approve your application.

Renting an apartment with bad credit can be a little harder, but it is not impossible. To learn more about the requirements of renting an apartment, contact a property management firm in your area today.