2 Things To Have Inspected Prior To Buying Your New Home

When you buy a new home, you already know that you want to have the electricity, plumbing, and woodwork inspected so you can avoid potential issues after you sign on the dotted line. There are other areas of your property that you should have checked out as well, especially if you are feeling that the sale of a home you like is just too good to be true. Here are 2 things to have inspected prior to purchasing your new home that you may not have thought of.


You will want to have the outdoor property of your potential new home inspected for pests. This includes:

  • voles/mice/rats 
  • snakes
  • ants
  • wasps/bees

This is especially true if you are considering property in a rural area, where pests may be more prevalent due to your proximity to open fields or wilderness. You don't want to buy your new home only to discover a giant snake nest in your backyard later.

Another inspection you will want to have done regarding your landscape is having any trees looked at, especially if they look sickly or appear to be dying. Insect infestations or rotting bark can indicate an unhealthy tree that can make others on the property sick. A landscaper can give any trees on the property a checkup to ensure they are healthy or make recommendations for treatment that you can negotiate as part of your sale.


Most home sales include common appliances, such as stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, dishwashers, or a washer and dryer. Before you buy any home that includes the sale of appliances, have them all inspected to make sure they are working soundly. Whether it's indicated or not, most sale prices of homes include the separate appliances that come with the purchase, so if you find out that the washing machine is broken or that the water heater needs to be replaced, you can actually negotiate the new replacement of faulty equipment or have the cost to buy new ones taken off the final sale. 

If you are unsure of how to proceed with any home inspections that aren't automatically suggested by your real estate lawyer or agent, then ask them about having additional inspections done. The peace of mind you can receive in having inspections done by a professional can impact you in positive ways. When you have inspections done, always be present so you can ask questions about certain parts of the home as well as make sure everything you wanted checked out gets looked at. Once you have a clean report, you know you are OK to proceed with the sale.