Thinking About Buying a Fixer Upper Home? 3 Problems That Can Lead to Getting a Great Value

Turnkey homes are attractive because they do not require any work after gaining home ownership. You can take the keys, move everything inside, and then start your life in a new home. The main difference between this kind of home and a fixer upper property is the work that needs to be done. It is certainly possible to come across your fair share of homes that need substantial repairs, but you will also find a number of properties that do not need much more than cosmetic help. It is these homes for sale that you should focus on, and it is best to know which problematic features can lead to getting a huge bargain.

Struggling Landscape

Lacking curb appeal is going to really hurt sellers because this is the first thing that most people see and judge. If they are not impressed with this aspect, they may just skip past the house in the listings. But, when you are looking for a fixer upper, you should be jumping in joy over these properties. These ones are capable of being well-maintained on the inside and having the bones that you want in a home. A struggling landscape can be rejuvenated with enough time, effort, and dedication. Most things can be done on your own without professional help, aside from removing trees and trimming the tallest trees.

Damaged Carpeting

When a potential buyer walks into a home and they see a worn down carpet, they might get the feeling that the entire house is a bit old and undesirable, regardless of how it actually looks. It is essential to look past these minor imperfections that can typically be fixed for anywhere from $100 to $150. The true concerns are when the carpet is damaged because of a major unseen problem such as past flooding. But, spending a decent amount on a home inspection should spot any of these concerns.

Broken Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is often not worth repairing when it is several decades old, but this might not be the case for some of the properties that you find. If part of the fence was broken because of an accident or car collision, you can bring it back to its original condition for around $500. This is a far better alternative than trying to build a wooden fence from scratch or even replacing the entire fence with a new one.

Looking for the right problems with fixer uppers will help you land one that has incredible value. The above cosmetic issues will drive down the price of a home, but they are easy and inexpensive things to fix.