Advantages To Buying A Home Down A Dead-End Street

During your search for a home, the street on which a home is located can play an instrumental role in deciding whether you wish to arrange a viewing and possibly make an offer. A street-based feature that many homeowners find desirable is having a home located at the end of a dead-end street. Despite its ominous-sounding name, you may wish to pay particular attention to residences that are located toward the end of a dead-end street. Here are some advantages to buying and owning a home in this particular location.

Less Vehicle Traffic

Perhaps the most significant advantage to buying a home down a dead-end street is that you won't have to contend with heavy vehicle traffic driving past the end of your driveway. The farther you live down a dead-end street, the fewer cars have reason to pass your home. This is desirable for a couple reasons. If you have children who enjoy playing outside, they'll be safer when they're biking or in-line skating on the road in front of your home, or potentially chasing an errant soccer ball across the road. Additionally, it will also be quieter around your home, which will be a pleasant departure if you've previously lived on a busy street.

Potential For A Larger Lot

Depending on the layout of the lots on the street, the homes at the end of the dead-end street may be larger than those elsewhere in the subdivision. This completely depends on the builder, but it's common to find larger lots surrounding the homes situated in this manner. This can be ideal if you have children who spend lots of time outside, as well as pets that require space to run. Even if your yard isn't technically larger, it may border on a field that your kids can use for playing.

No Rear Neighbors

In many areas, the homes at the end of a dead-end street won't have any neighbors to the rear of them. This depends entirely upon the layout of the residential area, but dead-end streets often have empty lots, forests, or other similar features behind them. This can be highly desirable if you enjoy privacy and quiet. When you're in a concentrated subdivision, you'll often have neighbors not only on each side of your home, but also behind you. This layout can leave you feeling as though you're in a fishbowl. At the end of a dead-end street with a forest beyond your backyard, you won't face such claustrophobic feelings.