Selling Your Single Wide Manufactured Home: Tips for a Quick Sale

Selling a manufactured home is a lot different than selling a traditional home. Referred to commonly as mobile homes or trailers, single wide models in particular have their own unique qualities that can make them positive sellers, but you have to be careful about how you list this kind of real estate. If you want to get your single wide manufactured home sold quickly, follow these tips for a smooth transaction.

Place the home on property

Most buyers are more interested in the land a mobile home lies on than the home itself, or they at least consider land ownership to be as important. The reason for this is that manufactured homes don't typically rise in value like stick-built homes do, but property values are normally a safe and wise investment. If you have your mobile home on property already, make sure you highlight the acreage in your listing as a benefit to buying the home. If you don't, look for a small parcel of land you can place the trailer on, or list the property at a cheaper rate minus moving fees so buyers can fee like they are getting a better bargain.

Make the right repairs

Mobile homes don't rise in value, which means any repairs that you make should be done strictly to increase your asking price and provide immediate use for the new owner. Invest in new carpeting in the living room, energy efficient light bulbs and smoke alarms in all rooms, new fixtures in the bathroom (toilet seat, faucet, shower rod), or a deep clean of the whole house. Some repairs are too costly for you to consider and are worth passing onto the new homeowner at a cheaper home purchase rate, such as needing roof repair, a new water heater or furnace, or placing a chain link fence around the property.

Be flexible with payments

Many people who choose to buy a single wide manufactured home do so because of the affordable cost or ability to make smaller payments. You want to make sure that you list your manufactured home in a way that you can profit while still being able to reach a wider demographic. Consider forgoing a down payment in lieu of having buyers pay full asking price for your trailer, or take monthly payments in an amount that is comfortable in exchange for your not having to make certain repairs. Make sure you get all payment agreements and stipulations in writing and signed off by a notary (whom you can find at your local government office or bank) to protect both you and your buyer.

Selling a single wide trailer can be a success where both you and your buyer are happy with the sale. List your trailer appropriately and you can have many valuable offers.