Three Ways Life Will Change If Becoming HOA President

If you are intending on helping to lead your neighborhood homeowners association in the right direction, running for president is a good idea. The homeowner's association president leads the board, oversees the budget, and aids in the institution of good neighborhood changes. Along with heading the board, there are some other changes that will spontaneously happen if you become the president of the HOA:

People will approach you about board 

Even keeping regular business hours and holding scheduled meetings to hear from people, you will likely still be approached about board or neighborhood business at other times. If you are walking through the neighborhood, you may have residents come up to you and discuss a notice that you received or an issue that they are having with the community. It can be a good idea to develop an elevator pitch that lets people know when and how to contact you so that you do not find yourself incapable of being able to walk around freely. 

You will be asked things outside of your role

If you become the HOA president of a condo building you may find yourself getting calls or knocks on the door for reports of others noise violations. If someone has a mechanical or structural issue with their condo, they may also come ask you for help. It is important that you assemble and handout information on how to get these issues handled when you become the HOA president. This will lead to you neighbors getting a remedy for their issues and your privacy not being disturbed. 

Neighbors may act overly formal

The president of the HOA holds a lot of sway in the neighborhood. HOA presidents can help to create and implement rules that affect the entire neighborhood and what people can do with their property. For this reason, some people may act overly formal with you. Some residents may be afraid to get on your bad side, while others just prefer to keep their distance with someone that they perceive to be an authority figure. While you must take your new job seriously, it is important that you continuously establish that you are just the same community resident as everyone else. Being known as a relaxed person more so than a formidable figure will help you to keep and making friends. Neighbors will appreciate the work that you do even more if they know that you are approachable.