Why A Home Inspection Is Always Worth It

Home inspectors are professionals who look at homes to ensure their conditions are sound. These inspectors check the general condition of electrical work, flooring, roofing, plumbing, insulation, and exterior care. Home inspectors will take pictures of properties they're inspecting and make notes of areas of concern, such as cracked windows, missing insulation, and leaking crawl spaces.

If your lender doesn't require you to hire home inspectors to work on your home prior to finalizing an offer on a property, you should hire one anyway. Home inspectors charge anywhere from $400 to over $600 per inspection, often dependent upon the size of the property, location of the property, and other factors. Investing in home inspectors is worth every penny — here's why.

Home inspectors see what you don't

Home inspectors are going to see the moldy insulation in the attic, rotting subfloors, dated electrical wiring, sagging roof, and other concerns that you won't. In having a home inspection done on any property you're considering buying, you make yourself more knowledgeable about what you're potentially getting into.

If a home inspection comes back with concerns, you can use the professional report to negotiate repairs with the home seller or decide the property isn't worth your investment after all. Without the assistance of home inspectors, you can potentially buy a home that requires a lot of work and money to make it livable, and not even realize it.

Home inspectors give you peace of mind

Unless you're knowingly buying a home as-is, you want to know exactly what you're getting into as far as not just paying for a home, but putting money into the property to make it safe and livable as well. Home inspectors give you peace of mind — especially if you're buying an older home — that the property you're buying has a solid foundation, no major repair needs, and has upgraded or working plumbing and electricity.

Home inspectors give you leverage

If you feel a home is overpriced on the market, home inspectors can help you out. Even though there is a cost associated with hiring home inspectors, what they bring you is this: leverage. How? By illuminating potential problems and minor flaws in a home that may affect its appraisal, home inspectors help give you justification in offering a lower asking price for a property. You may even be able to use the report home inspectors will give you to get some included repairs done on the property in addition to getting a lower price.

Your realtor can help you find home inspectors in your area, or you can find a home inspector on your own. Choose a licensed or certified home inspector for the best experience.