3 Tips For Buying A Not Forever Home

Purchasing a home is a significant commitment, so often, buyers purchase what is affectionally known as a forever home. However, this is not the goal of all buyers. Whether you are single and have plans of building a family, are open to the idea of relocating to a new state in the future, or some other scenario, purchasing a home you do not necessarily want to grow old in is possible. Here are some helpful tips if this idea meets your home-buying goals.

1. Should Still be Home

Your goal may be to remain in the home for a few years before you place it back on the market, but things can, and often do, change. Make sure the home is a place where you are comfortable should your stay extend beyond the original plan. 

Do not purchase a home with too few bedrooms for your family or even in a neighborhood with a less desirable school district because your children are not of school age just yet. Anything can happen, and the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable in such a major investment. 

2. Future Buyer Importance

Look for a home with the potential to meet your long-term needs, but avoid purchasing a home that has too narrow of an appeal. Unlike buyers who purchase forever homes, you are walking into this transaction with the intent of selling the house in the future.

An overly eclectic home could make it harder to find a buyer in the future or lower the home's value. Look for a home that meets your style and comfort needs and would also be attractive to plenty of other buyers. 

3. Minimal Maintenance Condition

Again, the plan is not to stay in the home forever, so you may not be in favor of spending large amounts of money on upgrades and repairs to the house. As such, you should look for a property in good condition so that you are not forced to put large amounts of money into the home upfront.

An agent can help put a home inspection contingency in the sale commitment to highlight any issues with the home that require your attention, to help you determine if the home's condition meets your needs.  

In addition to these tips, a real estate professional can also help with this process. Let the agent know your plans so they can assist with the process. Contact a company such as McGraw Realtors to learn more.