Putting Your Stuff In Outside Storage? 3 Ways To Keep Mice From Destroying It

If you're putting your stuff in outdoor storage, there's a small chance that a mouse or a family of mice might think your couch makes a perfect, cozy home. And since they're chewers, they will damage your stuff if they decide to take up residence in your storage unit. Unfortunately, mice can get into just about any building, so all outdoor storage units are at risk. They're great at hiding as well, which means that you might even pack up a mouse and bring it with you to storage. While there's nothing you can do to completely eliminate the risk of mice taking up residence in your unit, there are a few thing you can do to dissuade them and protect your stuff. 

Hole Stuffers

Before moving your stuff in, inspect your unit for any holes, cracks or crevices that mice may wiggle their way through. Remember, mice can squeeze through a crack that's only 1/4 inch wide, and they can chew through just about anything, so you have to be mindful while sealing cracks. One of the best materials to seal cracks and plug up holes is copper wool - like steel wool, but made with copper. Mice have a very hard time chewing through this material. What's more, stuffing copper wool into crevices will not damage the unit, and you can remove it when you move out. 

Chew-Proof Containers

Store your stuff in plastic, seal-able containers. Mice cannot chew through these containers as well as they can plastic bags and cardboard boxes. They might be able to cause some damage to the outside of the containers, but they will not be able to get to your stuff. What's more, most containers are stack-able and have comfortable handles, which will make moving and organizing your storage unit much easier. 

Mice Repellents

Granted, you cannot fit large items into a container, and there will be some things that have to sit out in the open, such as your furniture. Fortunately, you can repel mice with rodent repellent products. Most of these have a pungent smell that keeps mice from hanging around and taking up residence. 

Mice and other rodents are always a concern when you're putting your stuff in storage. However, you can keep mice from destroying your stuff if you prepare your unit and pack your stuff properly. Also, be sure to check on your stuff periodically to make sure it's safe and free of damage. Contact a company like Stevens Creek Storage for more advice about storing your belongings.