How A Storage Unit Contributes Toward A Smooth Move

Even after sorting through your possessions, there is still quite a bit to pack when moving house. Most of your things need to get boxed months before the move if you must also sell your home. Realtors recommend minimalist furnishings when marketing your house. So what do you do with everything?

The solution will make moving day much easier on your back and your nerves. Rent a secure self storage unit. A secure facility has high fencing, frequently with barbed wire on the top. Restricted gate access, good lighting, and solid CBS construction protect your valuables until you're ready to retrieve them.

Self Movers, Read This

Are you renting a truck and doing the moving yourself? Then put everything you don't absolutely need in the storage unit ahead of time. Here's why:

  • Your possessions will be in a compact area right beside the truck. Do you really want 200 long walks from the back of the house to the front curb?
  • You won't trip on the stairs while trying to balance heavy items.
  • You'll have a nice, wide open door that rolls up and provides easy clearance for large pieces of furniture. It sure beats slamming your fingers trying to squeeze wide furniture through narrow doorways.
  • It's significantly faster to load your possessions from a storage unit. Why should moving take all day? The earlier you get to your destination, the sooner you can relax.

Prepare for an EASY Moving Day

Here's the plan as you bring your stuff to the unit. Stack boxes on one wall of the storage unit and put furniture on the other side. On moving day, it's a simple matter to retrieve larger boxes to fill the mom's attic, if your moving truck has one. As you load furniture with storage capacity, such as a chest of drawers, fill those pieces with smaller boxes. The sizes you need will be easy to spot with all the boxes together on one wall.


Check with your insurance agent before purchasing a separate policy for the storage unit. Many renters and homeowners policies cover your possessions in a storage unit. If not, you can purchase one cheaply.

Be the Early Bird

Storage facilities offer the convenience of renting month-to-month. However, there are months when no vacancies are available. Indoor climate-controlled units are popular with homeowners to protect paintings and other valuables from mold and mildew. Rent a unit about two months before the high season for home sales and you can probably get the size and location of your choice. Talk to places like Ventu Storage Center for more information.