Baby Boomers Enjoying Freedom Of Apartment Living

It is not unusual for a person of retirement age to sell their large home and downsize into something smaller. Today's baby boomers are following that trend, but instead of buying a smaller home they are enjoying the freedom that comes from renting an apartment. Check out the benefits of moving into an apartment, which you might be able to find through a place like MGR Property Management Inc.

Invest More Money

Generally retirees have simply taken the money they received from the sale of their family home and used it to purchase a new home. When you move from a home to an apartment you suddenly have thousands of dollars available for you to invest. Put some of the money in short-term CDs, but invest the rest in low-risk options such as bonds or annuities.

Community Living

Some apartment buildings are created with a community of active seniors in mind. Outdoor living spaces are becoming trendier at apartment complexes as are rooftop patios, multiple clubrooms with attached kitchen space and business centers.

Some luxury apartment complexes have a concierge or event planner on staff that facilitates activities. Walking groups are popular. You will be able to find the right group for your fitness level. Wine tastings are a great activity to meet new people and enjoy stimulating conversation. Some complexes also have a community cinema with large comfortable chairs and a big screen. Enjoy a movie night watching classic productions. You can get to know other people living in your community as you try these new groups or activities.

Amenities Designed for Seniors

Make sure you choose an apartment community that is designed with amenities specifically beneficial to seniors. You may not think that you need an apartment with an elevator, but after knee replacement surgery you will be thankful for it.

Apartments designed for seniors are also including a swimming pool with an attached figure-eight current channel. The light current adds greater resistance than regular walking, which can help maintain your bone density.   

Heated parking garages ensure that you don't have to worry about scraping ice off of your car. If you don't drive, consider renting an apartment at a complex that offers complimentary transportation. Complexes that offer such amenities will cost more upfront, but it allows you to still maintain your independence.

Don't downsize from one house to another. Instead, find a great 55 and older apartment complex to join. You will be able to meet like-minded people and still maintain your independence.