In A Rush To Get Out Of Town? Tips For Selling Your House Quickly

If you need to move or relocate, but you currently own a house and need to sell the house quickly, you might be wondering just how you can go about that. You may also be wondering if you need to stick around until the house is sold, which might seriously complicate your plans or relocation orders. Before you get really stressed out about this, utilize the following tips to make this hasty transition out of home ownership and into your new home far away.

Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell the House For You and Then Just Move

Trying to sell your home on your own is a very long and tedious process. You have to be present at every viewing because you are trying to sell the house on your own. In short, you are quite stuck where you are and you cannot move until the house is sold. Instead, hire a real estate agent and assign certain selling rights over to the agent so that you can pick up and move everything in the house to your new location. The agent handles all of the showings of the empty house and only contacts you when an offer has been made. You can accept, deny or counter offers over the phone, via email and even by fax, depending on where your old house resides. You need never be present for most of this process, although you may wish to return to sign the sales documents.

Pre-Sign Sales Documents for Your Agent

When and where it is legally allowed, you could sign the sales documents in advance. This means that you not only do not have to be present for any showings or negotiations, but you also do not have to be present for the sales meeting. Some real estate agencies may even keep electronically-signed documents on hand just for this occasion. Once you have accepted an offer presented to you by the real estate agent, he or she handles all of the sales transactions from there.

Sell Your Home in a Short Sale or Auction with a Quit Claim Deed

A short sale allows you to sell your home quickly if you are willing to accept a small percentage of financial responsibility for the mortgage. You can adjust the terms of this sale to fit your financial ability to repay the percentage of the mortgage you have agreed to pay, while the buyer takes full responsibility for the rest of the mortgage. You could also arrange an auction in advance to your departure, if you have enough advance warning of when you need to move or relocate. The entire process can be sped up if you sign a quit claim deed and leave the financial affairs in the hands of a trusted real estate agent.