4 Things Every Condo Buyer Wants to See on Social Media

When you want to sell your condo in a hurry, the first thing you need to do is think about what condo buyers want. Talk to your real estate agent about what condo buyers in your local area are seeking, and talk about your real estate agent about how you may be able to best meet those needs in social media posts that showcase what is best for your home. These are four things that condo buyers in every region will want to see on social media.

1. Your Condo Building's Curb Side Appeal

A lot of condo sellers make the mistake of just posting interior photos on social media, and they leave the exterior photos for real estate sites themselves. However, an eager condo buyer will want to get an overall picture of what the condo is like from the outside, too. You may check with the condo association management for any archival photos that may exist of the building. Better yet, invest in professional photographs of your condo that include a curb side picture that shows how your condo building looks like from the street. Remember that you are selling a lifestyle to buyers, so make sure the exterior of your condo building makes it easier for people to imagine themselves as the owner of the abode.

2. Information About Your Condo Association Management

Someone who is eager to live in a condo probably has strong opinions on whether they want to live in a condo that has condo association management with strict rules. Give information with your listing about the sort of condo association management that comes along with your condo building. Just a simple sentence will suffice, but include the information to make condo buyers more comfortable with finding out more about your home. Services like MacPherson's  Property Management can help or provide more information. 

3. Hashtags for Easy-to-find Posts

They key part of social media is that it is social. It provides you with a way to socialize with others in new and creative ways. When you're trying to find condo buyers among millions of other users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media websites, a hashtag can be the most effective way of connecting with the most people. Condo and home buyers search for certain hashtags, then browse the homes that are available with those hashtags. If in doubt, look at popular local real estate posts to see which hashtags you should utilize to attract condo buyers to your posts.

4. Contact Information or Direct Links

A common mistake that condo sellers make is to put a lot of effort into appealing social media posts about their condo, only to leave out contact information or a direct link where a buyer can find out more information on the house. Each real estate post that you make on your condo should either give your real estate agent's direct contact information, or it should link to your real estate agent's site. Make it easier for the buyer to get more information on your home and to express their interest.

Finally, keep in mind that social media posts should be curated carefully for the specific platform that you are choosing. For example, Instagram is the best place for photo posts without much text, while Twitter is best for a short, effective message based on text. When you keep in mind your target audience of condo buyers and the forum you are using, you are sure to create winning posts that will help you sell your condo sooner rather than later.