Different Types Of Single-Family Homes For Sale

If you are ready to buy a home, whether it is your first one or you want something different, it is a good idea to sit down and decide what it is you need and what you want in the new place. Different types of homes are better suited for different features you may want. Here are a few types of homes and the features they work well with.


This type of home looks like a large "A" on the ground. The roof has a step slop that goes from the apex at the top all the way to the ground. Since the upper half of the house has sloped walls, any upstairs rooms are not very tall at the sides. However, this can make for a high ceiling on the bottom floor. Many people find these homes are designed to have a loft as the second floor instead of a whole, enclosed area.


A bungalow is a simple, single-story home. It has a slab or cinderblock foundation on the bottom and a short crawl space under the roof instead of a full attic. Just because it is simple does not mean it cannot be sprawling. A bungalow can stretch to include many rooms. If you want a home that is easy to add on to as your family grows, a bungalow is a good idea.


This home has multiple levels. However, the house is split so that the two sides are offset from one another in height. One side is usually at ground level and then the other side is half a floor up. There will be a short set of stairs to go from ground level to the mid-level side and then another set to take you to the second floor above the ground-level side. This is a great option if you need to build a home on a slope. You may also have a cathedral ceiling on the mid-level since there is not anything above it.


A two-story home is one that has a main floor at or slightly above ground level and then another complete floor on top of it. They may have an attic above the second floor and/or a basement below the first. They are good when you want to have your sleeping rooms separate from the common living areas of the house. This way, if you are entertaining downstairs it will not disturb people sleeping upstairs.

Consider your lifestyle and how you prefer the rooms in your home to be arranged. Discuss his with the real estate agent so he or she can show you the different single family home styles that will work for what you want and need.