The Differences Between Senior Housing And Active 55-Plus Living

As people reach the age of retirement, they often begin thinking about transitioning from the homes they lived in all their adult lives to homes that would be better suitable for living in their retired years and senior years. Two of the options many people evaluate at this time include senior housing communities and active 55-plus living communities. If you are thinking about making a move like this, there are several things to know about the differences in these types of communities.

The Services

Both types of communities generally offer maintenance-free living, which means you own the house you live in but do not care for the outside. One difference, though, is that senior housing is often something people rent instead of buying, while 55-plus communities are homes people generally buy. At a senior housing community, you might have access to more health services, assistance, and meals, while you will not likely have these types of services at a 55-plus community.

The Privacy

Both types of communities offer privacy to the residents that live there; however, you will likely have less privacy if you move to senior housing. The staff at senior housing communities is generally there to assist the residents, clean their homes, and provide meals to them, while you will not have staff doing these things for you at a 55-plus community. If you want more privacy, then you should consider looking into an active 55-plus community to move to.

The Main Purpose and Lifestyle

The other thing to compare is the lifestyle and purpose of each of these communities. People who choose senior housing often do this to have help with daily tasks when they need it. People who move to 55-plus communities do so for socialization purposes. While you can socialize at both types of centers, there is a lot more freedom and opportunities at a 55-plus community. This type of community is designed to encourage residents to get together for parties, games, exercising, and activities. There are always things going on like this for the residents, and it tends to offer a very active lifestyle for those who live there.

If you are interested in learning more about these types of communities, you should talk to a real estate agent about finding 55-plus communities around your area, such as 55 Abodes. You can then tour a facility to learn more about it to help you make the right decision for your future.