Condo Or Single-Family House: Which Is Right For You?

If you're looking to buy your first home, you may be torn between a single-family house for sale and a condominium. Considering your lifestyle may help you decide which type of dwelling is best for you.

Do You Like to Spend Time Outdoors?

Some people are okay with a small patio or balcony that typically comes with a condo unit. They don't want the responsibility of raking leaves, pruning trees, and mowing the lawn. But others enjoy yard work and want to have a garden as well as their own private backyard space to relax in.

Do You Have Pets?

Many condominiums have no rules against pets, but some do. For example, they may not allow so-called aggressive breeds or may only allow small breeds. Even if the condominium you are considering doesn't have any pet restrictions you must abide by, consider the logistics of owning a pet.

For example, if you have a dog, unless you are on the ground floor, taking your dog out multiple times a day via the elevator or one or more flights of stairs to do their business and get their exercise may prove to be more hassle than you are willing to deal with.

Do You Lead a Quiet Lifestyle?

Just as in an apartment complex, condominiums often have quiet hours. After all, you will be sharing at minimum one wall with a neighbor. For people who don't entertain much and tend to keep to themselves and enjoy a peaceful environment, a condo may be ideal.

But for people who like to socialize or keep odd hours, a condo could be problematic. A condominium means no late-night parties, no playing your music loud, and having to schedule your life around being considerate of your neighbors and following rules. If you work second shift, the usual quiet hours could really put a damper on everything from having guests over to when you vacuum your unit.

For people who are more active, a single-family home is probably the better option. This will allow more freedom and won't require you to adjust your schedule to accommodate others as a condo might.

Do You Have Children?

When you have kids, a single-family home will give your children a place to play outside, often unsupervised. A single-family home is also usually in a neighborhood with other single-family homes, which means there will probably be other children around for your kids to play with. In a condominium, you would likely have to go outside with your children and find ways to entertain them. A condo probably won't have as many other kids for them to socialize with, either.

Look at single-family houses for sale today to get started finding your first home.