How Can You Get The Best Possible Property Appraisal Before Listing Your Home?

If you are planning to sell your home, which has not been on the market for quite some time, seeking a property appraisal is an important step to take. The property appraisal is performed by a skilled real estate professional who understands the variety of factors that can affect a home's overall market value. Once you have this appraisal in hand, you can better find the right price point for your property when you finally list it for sale. Most homeowners have one big question before they get their property appraised: How can you get the best property appraisal? Here are a few good pointers that can help the appraiser see your property as valuable. 

Gather documents pertaining to upgrades and repairs.

If you have made any recent upgrades to your property, be sure to gather those work order receipts or any other documentation to prove what work you have done. During the property appraisal, the appraiser will be looking at upgrades that have been made to the property because these can be important to determine the home's value. For example, if you recently had a kitchen renovation, this can make a big value difference in an older home. 

Go ahead and make those small cosmetic repairs.

Any small cosmetic issues you have been putting off really should be tended to when you are expecting a home appraiser. What looks like a small issue can really be a detriment to your home's value. A few examples would include the following:

  • Aging or discolored paint 
  • Stained or frayed carpet 
  • Missing doorknobs 
  • Missing outlet covers 
  • Broken cabinet doors
  • Missing faucet handles  

Make bigger investments in curb appeal. 

Even though you may not have the funds to make drastic investments in your home before the appraisal and concurrent sale, do try to use what funds you do have for curb appeal upgrades. If the yard has not been mowed for a while, bring in a mowing service to get things trimmed up neatly. Trim overgrowing trees and shrubs that hug the house. Take the time to get rid of any trash or debris in the yard. You may even consider picking up a few landscape lights or flowering plants, painting the shutters, and cleaning off any soiled siding. 

Clean up, inside and out. 

A clean home is much easier to assess for a proper property appraisal. Make an effort to clean and declutter inside the house and out. If the appraiser can get through the home with ease and have a good clear view of the property elements, they are much more likely to offer a fair assessment. 

For more information, contact a property appraisal service today.