3 Things to Know About Allowances When Building a Custom Home

Building a home offers a way to get the house you really want, and it is a great alternative to buying a pre-existing home. When you decide to build, you will need to do three main things. You will need to hire a custom home builder, work out your financing, and choose house plans. Once you do these things, you can work with your builder on the costs for building the house, and the contractor will explain an important concept to you — allowances. If you do not understand this concept, continue reading to learn three essential things about allowances with new construction.

The Definition of Allowances with New Construction

Allowances are a common part of new construction, and your contractor will help you learn how they work. Your contract with the builder will contain prices, including a total price for the home you want to build. Within the price schedule, you will see allowance amounts. These amounts tell you how much you can spend on specific parts of the home. You might have allowances for flooring, plumbing fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and electrical fixtures. These amounts offer a budget for you to follow as you select the materials you want in your home.

How It Works

When you start choosing materials for your house, you will need to keep the allowance amounts in mind. For example, if your budget has a $2,000 allowance for electrical fixtures, you can only spend $2,000 on the fixtures. If you spend less, your contractor credits your balance by the difference. If you spend more, you will pay the extra money to the contractor. You will have separate allowance amounts for each category.

Steps to Take Before Signing the Contract

One smart step to take before signing your contract is to carefully examine the allowance amounts. Examining them and comparing them to the average cost of home materials can help you determine if they are high enough. For example, if your contractor gives you $10,000 for your kitchen cabinets, you might want to ask them to increase it if the average cabinet bills are $15,000 at the time. If your allowance amounts are not high enough, you might end up overspending on many categories.

Allowances play a vital role in new construction. If you have questions about building a new home or need to hire a contractor, look for a custom home builder in your city.