4 Tips For Finding A Realtor

Are you ready to start your search for a new home and need to find a realtor to help you do it? Here are some tips for hiring someone to help you find your home and negotiate the best price.

Ask Friends And Family

The best place to get a recommendation is to ask your friends and family. It is likely that someone has recently bought a home in your area, and they have a strong opinion about the realtor that they used. This can really help narrow in on a realtor based on the personal experience of someone you trust so you know that they are going to give it to you straight about all the ups and downs they ran into while trying to buy a home. 

Check Social Media

You may be surprised at how many realtors are making a name for themselves on social media. This can be a great way to learn the personality of a realtor without taking the steps to meet with them in person. If you see someone that is talking about homes they helped buy or sell in your area that look like they are within your price range, then they may be a good fit for helping you with your home search. 

Visit An Open House

You likely have an area where you are interested in buying a home, and you've seen many homes for sale with open houses. Consider going to an open house to try and meet a real estate agent. It is a low-pressure way to talk to the person, learn more about them, and see how they work with potential clients. If you like them from the brief meeting during an open house, ask for their business card and contact them later about being your buyer's agent.

However, you shouldn't reach out to the real estate agent that is running an open house if you are interested in the house they are selling. That presents a conflict of interest for the real estate agent, and you'll want to find someone else that will work on your behalf instead of the sellers. 

Visit A Local Real Estate Office

There are likely local offices for real estate companies in your area. It is worth reaching out to set up a meeting at their office so that you can meet a local agent. Going directly to a local office will ensure that the agent is familiar with the area you are in and can help you track down a home that is right for you.  

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