Recommendations For A Smart And Well-Informed Townhome Purchase

The purchase of a townhome as your own residence requires some specific evaluations and inspections before you make the decision, just as you would with a single-family home. From looking at the exterior and landscaping to the HOA (homeowners association) and interior features of the home, you will want to make sure you make a well-informed purchase. The following provides you with helpful tips when you are searching for the right townhome to make your home. 

Check Into the HOA

Before you purchase a townhome, you will want to find out if there is an HOA involved in the property and its management and maintenance. You may find a townhome for sale that does not include an HOA, but the condition and quality of the property exterior may be neglected and unregulated, leaving residents without any regulations and rules to maintain the entire property. 

When an HOA is part of a townhome, you will be paying a monthly HOA fee, and you should find out how much it is. Your Realtor can help you with this evaluation. Next, ask about what types of maintenance the HOA covers, such as landscaping and roof repairs, and if there are common areas that need maintenance. This may mean that the townhome neighborhood has a swimming pool, recreational or workout room, playground, park, walking trail, or any other extra amenities. Evaluate whether or not the HOA stretches your budget too much or if you would receive a benefit from the extras.

Ask Questions

Consider getting a good idea about what living inside the townhome is going to be like before you actually do so. And to do this well, it is recommended that you talk to residents who already live in the townhomes on your street and in the same building. You can get a good idea about what types of soundproofing the builder has used on the common walls to know if you can expect to hear some light noises or if you are going to be able to hear a neighbor's conversation in the next unit. 

Because a townhome shares at least one other wall with a neighbor, it is a good idea to ask current residents about their experience with shared walls and any noise that comes through the insulation barrier. You can knock on a few neighboring doors and politely ask the resident about their experience, letting them know that you are considering a purchase nearby. They will usually be more than happy to give you insight into the quality and condition of the townhomes' communal walls and their thickness.

Contact a local real estate agent to learn more about townhomes.