What to Look for in Hunting Land

Buying hunting land is about a lot more than simply locating affordable agricultural land. You want to find the balance between game-rich property and a location where you may actually want to build a home. Here are things you should look for in hunting land when you do property shopping. Ease of access Are you looking at land that is fenced in already, allowing you to have easy access to your property for hunting while keeping other hunters out? Read More 

Need To Sell Fast? 3 Unconventional Ways You Can Sell Your Parents’ Home Quickly

If your parents have passed or need to go into long-term care, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to sell their home quickly in order to pay off debts or to pay for their current medical bills. If you plan to sell their home the traditional route by listing it with a realtor, you can expect some time to pass before you have money in hand. In 2015 the median days on the market for a home was 49 days with an added 41 days for closing. Read More 

Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

When you are attempting to sell your home, it is vital to make sure that your house is as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Unfortunately, it can be fairly common for first-time home sellers to make some fairly simple oversights that may detract from their property, which may greatly extend the amount of time needed for the house to sell. To help you avoid these errors, it may be wise to keep the following few tips in mind when preparing your property for tours. Read More 

Rental Nightmares: 3 Times To Call Your Landlord Immediately

If you're renting a property, you likely have the benefit of a landlord who has to repair certain problems with appliances or other home maintenance concerns. Most landlords or their property managers fix problems within a few days or weeks, but what about more serious issues? If you have an emergency number and aren't sure when to use it, here are a few instances when you absolutely should call immediately. Read More 

Houses For Sale: Three Less-Common Places You Should Look

Houses for sale are often posted by the owner before they are listed with a real estate agency. There are several places you can look for your next home, and some of these places are rather uncommon. Here are three less-common advertising places you should search when you are house-hunting. Auction Sites Property auctions have websites that list all of the current properties that are about to be sold via auction. Read More